I’m Jaquita Rideau, M.Ed., and founder of Teacher Jaquita LLC. ​

Meeting learners where they are, and getting them where they need to be.

An excellent instructor is patient, makes learning engaging, and never gives up on any studen.


Teacher Jaquita's mission is to create and provide personalized learning opportunities for clients.


We provide personalized learning services to clients all over the world in an effort to help others.

Teacher Jaquita LLC

I’m Jaquita Rideau, M.Ed., and founder of Teacher Jaquita LLC. I have over six years of teaching experience and I possess a Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Before I began concentrating on teaching, I worked as an Operations Manager for several years. I’ve developed and facilitated several leadership workshops and training. 

What do my credentials mean for you?

My education and work experience allows me to adequately assess my client’s needs and tailor my instruction to meet learning needs for growth.

How May I Help You?

I offer a variety of classes, educational consultations, and workshops to fit your learning needs. My purpose is to serve and teaching is my passion.  


I offer a variety of reading and composition courses as well as individualized tutoring to help learners of all ages and abilities reach learning goals. Sign up now as classes fill up quickly!


I offer weekly workshops for learners of all ages seeking to become better readers and writers. Sign up now as slots fill quickly!


I offer 1-1 coaching sessions. I coach learners in improving their self confidence in reading. I also offer 1-1 coaching sessions for those seeking to build their business.

Public Speaking

I offer public speaking at schools and in the community. Topics include: Being Broke is Expensive, Reading for Meaning, and The Power of the Struggle. Contact me for booking.


I offer educational consulting. I use mini assessments to assess areas of opportunities in learners. I customize a learning plan that seeks to close the gaps in knowledge, increasing scores and ability.

Online Tutoring

I offer Zoom and Skype tutoring sessions for learners. Rates begin at $30 for a 45-minute session. Slots do fill quickly! Sign up now.


There is a reason why over 200 families have chosen Teacher Jaquita as their personalized online learning specialist. 

The teacher Ms. Rideau is very well- prepared and positive in her teaching style. Personally, I love the way she pays attention to students and uplifts them while scaffolding for learning growth. very effective class with student participation and learning simultaneously encouraged and embedded. well deserved 5 stars, Thank You for your hard work and passion Ms. Rideau.

-Simran K.

There is no better teacher on here for this. Jaquita is INCREDIBLE. My Son needed this so much, and you’ve brought him leaps and bounds. Class is always engaging and so enjoyable. Thank you for being YOU!

-Katie S.

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