My Story

I’m Jaquita Rideau, M.Ed., and founder of Teacher Jaquita LLC. I have over six years of teaching experience and I possess a Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Before I began concentrating on teaching, I worked as an Operations Manager for several years. I’ve developed and facilitated several leadership workshops and training.

What do my credentials mean for you? My education and work experience allows me to adequately assess my client’s needs and tailor my instruction to meet learning needs for growth. EVERYONE deserves quality instruction. An excellent instructor is patient, makes learning engaging, and never gives up on any student. EVERY client can learn and improve.

Mission Statement

Teacher Jaquita’s mission is to create and provide personalized learning opportunities for clients. I believe in engaging, research-based, data driven instruction for client growth. Teacher Jaquita values the diagnosis of precise learning needs and delivers highly targeted, specific instruction to fill in client knowledge gaps. All clients deserve quality learning experiences for optimal growth.

Teacher Jaquita was founded in 2020.

Teacher Jaquita’s mission is to provide personalized learning services to clients all over the world in an effort to help others reach their highest potential.