Teacher Jaquita offers a variety of courses to suit your learner’s needs in strengthening reading and writing. 

Reading Comprehension: Analyzing Text Structure

Reading for Meaning: Analyzing is a four-week course that meets live twice a week to help foster student's analytical reading skills. Asynchronous learning is available for those students that need to work on their own pace. Students will read fiction and non-fiction texts in class to analyze it for meaning. Students will meet two times a week. Learners may join and leave at anytime. Each week we will discuss a different element of analyzing a text structure. Sign up now for a FULL course description!

Course Offerings

Essay Writing Masterclass: Write Successfully and Effectively

Does your learner need additional support in essay writing? Does your learner need additional practice with structuring and developing an essay? In this class, students will examine a model essay. Students will be introduced to the organizational structure of an essay, as well as topic sentences, supporting details that directly relate to the topic sentence, and smooth transition words and phrases. At the end of class, students will draft a five-paragraph essay. After class, students will have one week to submit their final drafts in .doc, .pdf format or as a shared document in Google Docs. Sign up now for a FULL course description!

Reading Camp: Improve Fluency

Reading aloud is a proven method to help increase reading fluency. In this class, students will get the opportunity to practice reading aloud to improve their skills. What better way to learn than through repetition? The classes will consist of a combination of echo, paired, and choral reading. Each student will have an opportunity to read aloud. Watch students increase their reading confidence in this class! Let's begin our journey to better reading together! I'll see you in class. Sign up now for a FULL course description!

How to Use Reading Strategies to Improve Comprehension

This class is designed to increase reading comprehension. In this course students will learn, practice, and master learning strategies to help increase what they understand in new reading material. This course is four weeks long and students are free to work at their own pace. Students will begin with using their background knowledge to connect to a reading, then focus on generating questions for deeper thinking, next students will learn how summarize a text, and finally students will create a presentation demonstrating how all reading strategies were used to assist in reading an unfamiliar text. This course is great for independent learners! Sign up now for a FULL course description!