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No Engagement, No Learning

If you don’t have a student’s attention, learning does not occur. I don’t care if you’re in a brick and mortar classroom or in an online classroom. If students are not engaged, new learning material will go in one ear and out the other.

We’ve all been there before. Whether if it was when we were students ourselves, or when we participated in a casual conversation. The incessant chatter from a boring individual will cause any listener to tune out.

How can students learn new skills and concepts when they aren’t even ‘present’ during instruction? I’ve been there: Students’ eyes glazed over.

Their bodies intact in their seats, but their minds are galaxies away.

I mean really look at your learning content. Would you be able to sit through one of your classes? All teachers should remember that all learners are not as passionate about your subject as you. An excellent teacher creates learning experiences that are relevant and that interest students.

Student engagement declines rapidly

According to a publishing by , student engagement decreases as students transition from elementary to middle schools. Additionally, student engagement declines even more as students enter high school. In fact, student engagement is the lowest in high school. When students do not feel invested in their own learning, it leads to poor educational experiences. Imagine a world of young adults that do not want to learn. A world of people that do not seek out learning experiences because of the lack of engagement in their previous educational settings.

This leads to stagnation for everyone!

Engagement is Key

The best way to immediately engage students is in the introduction to a lesson. Consider the concept or skill you’re about to introduce and brainstorm ways to present it in a meaningful way to your students.

Will you dress-up?

Will you decorate your classroom or online background to reflect the lesson’s theme(s)?

Will students play a Kahootz game to assess what they know?

Will you use clean rap lyrics to introduce rhyme scheme for poetry?

It is critical to get your students’ attention. If students are not paying attention, they are not learning!

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