Our Services

My purpose here is to serve others. I offer a variety of classes, workshops, diagnostic assessments, and educational consulting services to meet your needs. Find a service that you need and book an appointment. Always email me with any questions or concerns you may have.


I offer a variety of reading and composition courses as well as individualized tutoring to help learners of all ages and abilities reach learning goals. Sign up now as classes fill up quickly!


I offer 1-1 coaching sessions. I coach learners in improving their self confidence in reading. I also offer 1-1 coaching sessions for teachers seeking to build their teaching business.


I offer educational consulting. I use mini assessments to assess areas of opportunities in learners. I customize a learning plan that seeks to close the gaps in knowledge, increasing scores and ability.


I offer weekly workshops for learners of all ages seeking to become better readers and writers. Sign up now as slots fill quickly!

Writing Diagnostic Tests

In this session, students take a 45-minute writing test. I analyze the writing and give feedback and a plan for improvement.

English Diagnostic Tests

In this session, students take a 30-minute test that consists of multiple-choice items that require students to use the conventions of grammar and mechanics. I grade the assessment and give a plan for improvement.

Reading Diagnostic Tests

In this session, students take a 55-minute reading test that consists of reading passages, multiple choice items, and open-ended discussion questions. I grade the assessment and give a plan for improvement.

Online Tutoring

I offer Zoom and Skype tutoring sessions for learners. Rates begin at $30 for a 45-minute session. Slots do fill quickly! Sign up now.

Public Speaking

I offer public speaking at schools and in the community. Topics include: Being Broke is Expensive, Reading for Meaning, and The Power of the Struggle. Contact me for booking.

Adult Education

It is never too late to learn something new! Mary Walker learned to read at the age of 116! I help adults reach learning goals as well. From learning to read, GED preparation, to email etiquette, I can help! Rates begin at $35/50-minute session. Slots fill quickly! Sign up now.

Business Education

I offer a variety of classes on Leadership training. My most popular class, Emotional Intelligence, teachers leaders in the workplace how to regulate their own emotions to drive business objectives. I also offer classes in Customer Service and Organization. Sign up now!