Success Stories

Ms. Rideau's content and structure are comprehensive, descriptive, and thorough. She takes a small but important idea, the conclusion, breaks it down, and describes how to create it so that kids can understand and replicate it. She is well-prepared and skillful in her presentation, patient and flexible with the kids, and enthusiastic and personable in her approach. Her instructions are useful and her practice exercises are effective.
Our son now understands infinitely better what and how to conclude an essay, and a paragraph. That will make him a more effective writer. That is why we signed up for the course. Mission accomplished.
-Raymond S.
There is no better teacher on here for this. Jaquita is INCREDIBLE. My Son needed this so much, and you’ve brought him leaps and bounds. Class is always engaging and so enjoyable. Thank you for being YOU!
-Katie S.
My 8 year old loves the instructor, he is fully engaged and motivated to do work outside of class.
Julie K.
The teacher Ms. Rideau is very well- prepared and positive in her teaching style. Personally, I love the way she pays attention to students and uplifts them while scaffolding for learning growth. very effective class with student participation and learning simultaneously encouraged and embedded. well deserved 5 stars, Thank You for your hard work and passion Ms. Rideau.
-Simran K